For Contractors

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Our Services for Professionals

Available to all of our Contractors! Come in to set up your account today!


Contractor Pricing

We offer competitive pricing in line with dealers throughout the city! Get the uptown service, with the downtown pricing!

We’re always hungry, so give us a call and we’ll happily find a price that will work for your next big project!

Delivery Service

We deliver all across the GTA. Give us a call and we will make it happen. Free delivery on orders above 5 Gallons within King, and 10 Gallons beyond!


Professional COlour Matching

With our top of the line colour photo spectrometer, we are ready to match any colour you need. All we need is a clean, quarter-sized sample and 30 minutes!

Expert Advice

With over 30 years of coating experience, we can get you the perfect advice for all of your coating, application, or prep questions.

Dedicated Parking

With a dedicated loading zone right out front of our store, you'll never have to search endlessly for a spot!