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Design on King is proud to carry the entire line of Benjamin Moore Paints and Stains. Trusted by Homeowners, Designers, and Painting Professionals alike; Benjamin Moore offers the quality that your project deserves. 


Our Services


Colour Matching

Moved into your new house and suddenly have to patch a wall? We've been there, and we are here to help!

Bring in a clean sample of the colour you'd like us to match and we'll have a gallon ready for you in 30 mins!

Expert Advice

With a young knowledgeable team led by 30 years of experience, our team has the answers to all of your burning paint questions. Our priority is that you find the perfect product for your situation.

We pride ourselves on our product knowledge, so feel free to pick our brains whenever you're unsure about anything with regards to your DIY project.

Colour Records

No more saving colour chips, or lids!

Set up an account at Design on King, and we'll save all of your colours for you! By tagging each colour and product for each room, we can ensure that we'll have the exact same product ready for you should you need it in a month or even 10 years!

Colour Help


Home COnsults

We offer whole home colour consultations with one of our designers! For $175/hour + HST, have a designer do a complete walkthrough of your house and have a complete colour schedule ready for pickup in 48 hours!

Call Today to book a time!


Colour Advice

Only looking for a second opinion on a colour? Our interior designers offer 15 minutes of free colour advice to help you make that final decision!

Our designers are always on the go, so we recommend that you call ahead to see if anyone is available prior to coming in!

About Benjamin Moore

“I have had 30 years of experience in the coatings industry, working for Benjamin Moore and Competitors around the world in various sales and marketing roles. This experience has given me a clear understanding of what formulation is required to make a really good paint for a homeowner. When we decided to open our own paint shop, the decision to carry only Benjamin Moore was one of the easiest decisions I had to make.”
— Andy Nemes, Owner

Benjamin Moore's products are all designed with you, the homeowner, in mind. With a focus on safe to use, durable, and beautiful finishes; Benjamin Moore paint will be worth every dollar you spend! 



When selecting the best paint supplier for our Home Owners, there was really only one clear choice, Benjamin Moore. Since 1883, the Benjamin Moore brand has stood for the highest quality paints, with the most design friendly colour selection in the industry. It is the Go-To brand for most Interior Designers and High End Custom Painters because the they know their Customers will be pleased with the products for years to come.


“I remember being introduced to the Benjamin Moore colour system during my studies for Interior Design at Ryerson some 25 years ago, and I have used them almost exclusively for my entire career. In fact it made for some challenging dinner conversations when my husband worked for the competition and he would try to get me to specify some other colour collection! I have held true to Benjamin Moore because their subtle chromatic shifts in the palette makes them easy to work with. Benjamin Moore really understands colour trends. The Colour Stories Collection is my go to palette right now.”
— Marcy Nemes , Principal Interior Designer